Beauty Rules to Throw Out the Window

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Out with the old, in with the new. It's the winning phrase this New Year—your beauty routine included. We've given the most common hair, skin, and makeup vows an upgrade, so you can step into 2016 more gorgeous than ever. (And for more feel-good resolutions,

Beauty Rules to Throw Out the Window

By now, you know that harsh surfactants from your shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils—especially if you use one every time you shower. But you'll never have to limit your cleansing routine again (your post-sprint scalp can thank us later). These pre-treatments act like a rain bonnet for your hair, protecting the cuticle from whatever you throw at (or on) it. One to try: Kerastase Gommage Chronologiste Rinse Out Pre-Shampoo 
Beauty Rules to Throw Out the Window

Daily sun protection is the most effective way to prevent wrinkles and age spots, period. That doesn't make the extra step any more fun. Now, new ways to stay protected are changing the game with primers (to apply under makeup), sprays (to apply over makeup), and brush-ons (for midday touchups).
Beauty Rules to Throw Out the Window

If you wash your face too much, too hard, or with a harsh soap, you're disrupting your skin barrier (in other words: making it dry and inflamed). Instead, you want to use two super gentle cleansers—one to take off the first layer of makeup, dirt, and oil; the second to wash away those teensy, microscopic particles that the initial sweep missed—so your face feels spick and span, sans the irritation.
Beauty Rules to Throw Out the Window

Don't limit yourself to yellow. Green offsets redness or irritation, orange counters dark under-eye circles, and purple brightens sallowness. 

You want the shade of your foundation to look similar to your body, and your chest is the only body spot exposed to the sunlight as much as your face. For more ways to up your makeup game, check outhow to apply makeup, according to a makeup artist.
Beauty Rules to Throw Out the Window

It's true that too much glitter can look garish. But a small dab in the inner corners of your eyes will make 'em look brighter. You can also apply it to the center of your eyelid for the same effect (just don't do both at the same time).
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