These Hat Hair Solutions Will Change Your Winter

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Those cute knit hats, hoodies, and scarves may serve a purpose for keeping you toasty, but all that friction—paired with the moisture-sucking dry air—can lead to static, grease, and deflated strands (in other words: all of winter's most dreaded hair concerns). We've got your hat hair fixes here.

These Hat Hair Solutions Will Change Your Winter

The issue: Static electricity

Clean, dry hair attracts positive charges (especially in dry weather conditions, says Glenn Ellis, a stylist at the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City), which can cause them to repel one another and stand up.
These Hat Hair Solutions Will Change Your Winter

The fix
Step 1: Natural oils can help prevent static, so cut back on your shampoo sessions if you can. And when you do suds up, Ellis suggests using a hydrating conditioner to lock moisture.
Step 2: Post-blowdry, mist on a hairspray (or serum, if you're looking for shine) with lightweight silicones to cement the hair down.
Step 3: The moment your flyaways make an appearance, reach for your new anti-static hero: Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets ($18 for 12 sheets; It's infused with hydrating coconut oil and works like a dryer sheet for your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. For more moisturizing miracle workers, try our favorite winter beauty products.

The issue: Grease

Of course, winter caps keep your head warm. "But they can also trap in the heat that your scalp produces, causing you to sweat," says Ellis. The result: excess oil at the roots.
The fix
Step 1: You'll want to do the opposite of the above anti-static treatments. Avoid heavy conditioners and silicone or cream-based products at your scalp. "They leave oily product build-up that can make your hair look greasier than it is," he says. Instead, apply your conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends.
Step 2: When it comes to your hat, be strategic. "Pick a breathable one that allows air in," says Ellis. "Or choose a beanie or ear muffs, which won't leave your hair greasy."
Step 3: Reach for a dry shampoo to sop up oil. (We like R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, $29; Spray directly onto your roots from an arms-length distance, then work it into your hair to get rid of any white residue.

The issue: Flatness

Less moisture in the air means less va-va-volume for you. Stack a winter cap over already-deflated hair and you've got double trouble.
The fix
Step 1: In the shower, use a thickening shampoo like Matrix Biolage Advanced FullDensity Thickening Shampoo ($20; to bulk up limp strands without weighing it down.
Step 2: Before you blow dry, work in a dollop of volumizing mousse at your roots to give them a boost.
Step 3: When your winter cap comes off, nip hat head in the bud right away. Spritz a texturizer or dry shampoo into your hands, flip your head over, and massage it into your roots for an instant lift.
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