Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

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Bumble and bumble. stylists on how to adapt runway to everyday.The inspiration: The BCBG Max Azria Spring 2012 collection mingles tough lines and blocked color with softer, chic elements—a combo that reminded Bumble and bumble. editorial stylist Neil Moodie of the sexy look made famous by the original Bond girls, walking on the beach with slicked-back, wet hair.

Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring 

Try this trend: Sure, it's a little more high fashion than your everyday style, but you can still take elements of this look and make it your own. Allow your hair to dry naturally and then backcomb from your forehead to just below the crown. Use gel to hold the hair in place and then a finishing spray for a boost of sleek, sexy shine. Moodie suggests using less gel and/or parting your hair on the side for a style that's a little less stiff and severe.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: Influenced by modern Parisian women like Carine Roitfeld, former Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bumble and bumble. hair stylist Rolando Beauchamp created an approachable, effortless look for the Mandy Coon Spring 2012 collection. The natural, loose waves of the hair compliment the asymmetric hemlines of the satin dresses, allowing the clothes to solely speak for themselves.

Try this trend: This look's simplicity makes it incredibly easy to recreate for everyday wear. Start by rubbing gel throughout your hair while it's still damp. As opposed to the glossy finish of hairspray, Beauchamp says the gel will give your hair a soft, matte look. Blow dry with a flat brush, applying a quarter size of grooming creme to your ends to help weigh them down. Next, twist random sections of hair around a 1-inch curling iron, leaving the ends out. Finish the look by using your hands to work in a texture cream that will give it that perfect undone-yet-done quality.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: A playful variety of the classic ponytail, Bumble and bumble. editorial stylist Jimmy Paul wanted to create a look that was both functional and beautiful. Inspired by the strong, urban women of New York, this simple looped pony is the perfect look to take from the runway to the street.

Try this trend: Running late after your morning workout? This look will have you ready for your 9 a.m. meeting in minutes. Spray thickening hairspray onto your hair and blow dry with a round brush to create texture. Straighten if needed. Then create a ponytail with a half loop at the middle of your head, leaving hair long in the back. Clean up the look with a mist of light hold, styling spray to comb away the flyaways, and you're ready to go!
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: The monochromatic look of the hair and makeup at the Sally LaPointe Spring 2012 runway show eerily complimented the subtle pops of color throughout the collection. Inspired by the clothes, Bumble and bumble. stylist Laurent Philippon wanted to create a haunted, romantic look that was both bold and beautiful.

Try this trend: This futuristic look from the catwalk might not be something you wear everyday, but Philippon suggests simplifying it to make it your own for a night on the town. Start by applying gel to your hair and then create a wig wrap with the hair, leaving out a section in the back. For the show, Philippon covered the tops of the models heads with wig caps and pulled the rest of the hair up to crown to tuck it under. Try adapting the 'do with your own hair accessories, like a ribbon or a headband.

Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: The hairstyle for the Ruffian Spring 2012 collection returns the label to its namesake roots: one of the greatest female, thoroughbred racehorses of all time. Inspired by equestrian royalty like Charlotte Casiraghi and the jockey society, Moodie wanted to create a look that mimicked the braid of a thick horse's tail.
Try this trend: Prep your hair with Bb. Prep and Thickening Hairspray and then apply a styling cream from roots to end. Power dry the hair and pull it back into a sleek ponytail below the occipital bone. Backcomb the ponytail and then flat iron the hair to create density. Brush it out and braid the hair into a large plait. Polish off your look by applying a finishing spray to the head to give it a bit of shine.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: So not to hide the brightly-colored lips that complimented the highlighter-hued garments in Nanette Lepore's Spring 2012 collection, the designer requested that the model's hair be pulled back off of the their faces. Originally looking for something big, dry, and frizzy, this style came to Beauchamp when the test model walked into the hair test and let down her ponytail.
Try this trend: This natural, easy look requires minimal effort. Start by applying a generous amount of Thickening Spray at the front of your head and on the sides to give your hair a product-heavy finish. Blow dry using only your hands. Once dried, work in a styling wax at the hairline by running your hands through the hair to give it an ever-so-slight greasiness. For fine hair, spritz Surf Spray on your ends to give it a more dry, separated texture.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: A brand known for their sporty fashion with sharp polo shirts and their iconic crocodile logo, it wasn't hard for Philippon to decide to create a very natural hairstyle for the Lacoste Spring 2012 runway show.
Try this trend: Straight from the tennis courts to the runway. This fresh look is probably the easiest hairdo of the week to recreate. To get started, spray Bb. Prep onto your roots and then apply Surf Spray all over the head. Simply blow dry your hair with a diffuser, and refine the look by using a small comb to clean up your part.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: For a collection that is known forskin tight, bandage dresses, Moodie wanted a hairstyle to compliment both the sharp, art deco structure of the clothing and the native, tribal prints.
Try this trend: To recreate this striking look, start by wetting your hair with Bb. Prep and Styling Lotion. Next, soak up some of the moisture with a towel and finish drying with a blow dryer to smooth out your strands. Create a strong center part, and then section the hair into three ponytails: one at the crown of the head, another below the occipital bone, and another at the nape of your neck. Attach each ponytail to the next and secure with an elastic. Spray a light hold styling spray on your brush when sectioning hair to keep the lines clean and to control flyaways. Polish off the look by misting it with a finishing spray.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: Designer Zac Posen never fails to make jaws drop with his delicate and timeless evening gowns. This season the dresses were complimented on the runway by whimsical Grace Kelly inspired retro updos.
Try this trend: To create this romantic, old Hollywood look, blow dry your hair with Thickening Hairspray to give yourself a full and voluminous canvas. Then, use a 3/4-inch curling iron to create pin curls around your head. Brush out the curls and create a Marcel wave using a styling spray or a gel for coarser hair. Finally, pull the hair into a chic, low chignon and use large pins to secure the style.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: Va Va Voom! In a tribute to '50s and '60s Playboy glamour, the look for The Blonds Spring 2012 collection was inspired by sensual bombshells like Ursula AndressBetty Paige, andRaquel Welch. With hair accompanied by bunny ears, Bumble and bumble. stylist Dennis Lanni went for the bigger is better look.
Try this trend: To achieve this voluminous hairstyle, start with the top of your head, saturating the hair with Thickening Spray. Next, using a large curling iron, wrap your hair and pin it into place going backwards away from your face. After allowing the curls to set, brush out the curls with a flat brush and backcomb your hair for ultimate amped-up style. Secure the look with a flexible hold hairspray. Although this might not be an everyday hairstyle, it's perfect for when you want to spice things up a bit!
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: With a hairstyle that seems to be popular on the runway this season, Bumble and bumble. stylist Jimmy Paul wanted to create a look that was inspired by a combination of the strong, modern New York women and the clean-cut men of the 1950s.
Try this trend: To achieve this sharp, yet playful look, dampen your hair with Bb. Prep, and then blow dry with a flat brush. This will make sure your hair is straight and smooth. Spray Thickening Hairspray at the roots to create shine and slick back your mane. Set the style with a styling spray and mist your ends with Surf Spray to create fullness.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: Made with original fabric from the 1950s, the Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2012 collection features gorgeous, embroidered, nipped-waist satin dresses and ultra-feminine, flouncy skirts. Channeling a modern, elegant starlet, Beauchamp wanted to go with a simple, lady-like chignon that would prevent the hair from stealing attention away from the beautiful clothing.
Try this trend: For a look that's easy to take from day to night, allow hair to dry naturally and apply Thickening Hairspray liberally. Using your hands, rake hair into a low, tight chignon. The shape should be clean and polished, but not the texture. Use Surf Spray at the hairline to create a soft, messy look with wispy flyways.
Top Hair Trends from NY Fashion Week Spring

The inspiration: For a collection that has both men's and women's wear, and some pieces that can be worn by either, Moodie wanted to create a natural, wearable look that blurred the line between the two genders.
Try this trend: While Moodie admits that it sometimes takes six months for trends to translate from the runway to the street, this is a look that is ready for the masses with just a little dilution. Start by applying Bb. Prep and Styling Lotion, and then power drying your hair with a flat brush to get an even, smooth texture. Use a flat iron after blow drying to minimize volume. Then create a deep, precise side part and pull your hair into a tight, low ponytail. Once the pony is secured, apply Bb. Straight to the head to create a glassy, flawless shine.

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