Sappiere Summer Lawn Collection 2016

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Pakistan’s retail brand Sapphire is set to launch the second volume of their coveted Spring/Summer 2016 Lawn collection, Summer of Sapphire. The collection is an embodiment of Sapphire signature pastel hues punctuated with quality light weight fabrics, floral and feminine prints.

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The collection comprises trendy silhouettes including rising hemlines and breezy wide leg pant capris and culottes. Summer of Sapphire comes in 18 designs available in two color-ways including two piece, three piece and four piece suits.
Sappiere Summer Lawn Collection 2016
Speaking about the collection, Creative Director Sapphire, Khadijah Shah said; “We are extremely excited to introduce volume two of our spring summer collection titled “Summer of Sapphire”. The collection is styled in a way that’s sure to kick start your summer wardrobe and make it your most fashionable ever. I invite our patrons to indulge in this luxurious stylish offering from Sapphire and break out in the prime of summer with sophistication and panache.
Sappiere Summer Lawn Collection 2016
Sappiere Summer Lawn Collection 2016
Sappiere Summer Lawn Collection 2016


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  1. Sapphire Summer Lawn Collection 2016
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