Date Styles To impress Him On Your Desi Date

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Referring to our culture and articulating the fact on positive dating explained later).Well, in our country the most of dating experience one goes through is the meet ups with fiancés. Or the idea of a date (socially accepted date) would be a potential ‘rishta-party’, desi-rishta-come-meet-up. I’m sure a lot of girls or the general public might get me on that one.

Date Styles To impress Him On Your Desi Date  

So, no matter the case girls have always an impulse to impress ‘him’. Yes, ladies today’s agenda ‘Dress to impress him’. Well, the proposals might not fancy out as impeccable as western dating suggestions, but they would be fair enough to win his heart (simple / common solutions, fused to fancy ideas).
Date Styles To impress Him On Your Desi Date

Here’s the plan:
1. Say a ‘No-No’ to over dressing. You see your clothes signal your presentation, an open door for the judging minds. You’re heading to ‘dress to impress, not dress to repel.
2. If it’s a desi-mind-guy surely go for the traditional attire. While that, check on firmly you don’t look like an over rated ‘Ghulabo’. Follow the less is more principle!
3. Wear a watch. As simple as that but yes, always a good show. Watch -wearing is like sticking to class. The dress to impress logic suggests: a woman to look classy.
Date Styles To impress Him On Your Desi Date
4. If you’re planning to go for western-wear, make sure you don’t choose something revealing. It is Pakistani men whom we are speaking of. You don’t want to throw them off. They do judge you by your cover (Average population). You never want your modernized essence to be interpreted as vampy or flirtatious (you never know). 
5. Wear the color that suits you rather than your favorite color. Yes, keep your eyes open for colors that approve your feminine grace. Another rule down, for the dress to impress logic.
Date Styles To impress Him On Your Desi Date
6. Fragrance! Make sure you smell good. A bad odor is an immediate put off. If you behold all the logics yet fail to achieve this specific one you fail all the dress to impress rules!
7. Heels! Magical objects; to heighten you, boost your confidence and bring out that gorgeous woman you are! Make sure your heel selection is not too bling-bling. Make sure it doesn’t throw  out aunty vibes on him. And finally make sure you wear ‘COMFORTABLE HEELS’. The one’s in which you can walk with ease, and not the ones which might project you out as unadjusted/problematic car wheels. Or let’s say avoid that duck like ‘MOMO-WALK’ (understandable to those who have watched bulbullay).
.8. Dress up according to the occasion. This is one main tip from the dress to impress rules.
Date Styles To impress Him On Your Desi Date
9. Don’t overdo with jewelry, I repeat DONOT! If you’re planning to, abort it straight away! You don’t want him taking you from an aunty-view angle.
So, here are some rules from the desi-dress-to impress guide (Can be followed in general for other readers as well, since the codes implying are basic). All I’m suggesting is play with your attire perceptively, dress with style, dress with grace and your good to go! Happy Impressing!
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